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Why The Alpha Male Hypnosis Video Program?

The KEY To Powerful & Lasting Self-Development Is:

1) Presenting the Subconscious Mind with Clear and Distinct visual images of what you want.

2) Feelings of Emotions or Desires to cement/plant the visuals in the fertile soil of the subconscious mind.


A) Think of your subconscious mind as your own personal limo & driver. The visual images tells your driver exactly where you want it to go, and the emotions/desires are the fuel that allows it to work and get you there.

B) Think of your subconscious mind as fertile soil. The visual images are the seeds that lets the soil know exactly what to grow, while the emotions/desires are the necessary sun, rain & nutrients that allows the seeds (visual images) to take root & Blossom.

Simple, isn’t it? Yes, simple to understand, but not that simple to implement. For any self-development method to work… it MUST include points 1 & 2 from above. You can’t have emotions/desires, without a clear image to give that energy directions. You can’t have a clear visual, without the emotions/desires (fuel) to get it there.

Have you tried self-development products before? Maybe even (self) hypnosis? Our guess is if you have, you most likely were very disappointed with the results. Looking at points 1 & 2 above, you now know why 99.9% of the self-development programs out there…don’t work! Lets look at some of them and You Decide.

What Doesn’t Work:

Self-Improvement CDs & Tapes – Sold in the millions, these products focus ONLY on auditory dialogue that neither causes the subconscious to receive a Clear & Distinct visual images, nor, Arouses the necessary emotions/desires in individuals for such visuals to take root.

Self-Improvement Books – Also sold in the millions, focuses ONLY on offering printed text that neither offers clear & distinct images, nor does it Arouse in individuals the emotions/desires sufficiently for such visuals to take hold.

NLP – Nero-Linguistic Programming, which is considered a “dubious therapy” by authorities in psychological circles (with no proof that it works), requires YOU to create visualizations (which most people can’t do Clearly & Vividly) and emotions/desires, enough to influence the subconscious adequately.

Basic/Self-Hypnosis – Approved by the American Medical Association since 1958, hypnosis is an effective method to induce change, IF (like NLP), you are one of the very few individuals that can visualize Clearly & Vividly while also at the same time, be able to generate the necessary emotions/desires to cause such visuals to come to fruition.

What Does Work:

TV Commercials, Sitcoms, Movies, Talk Shows & News – With spending by numerous corporations posted in the billions of dollars per year, television is undeniably, a powerful force that causes people to react by spending billions & billions of their own dollars to purchase these products and/or services.

Have you spent money on something this year, this month or even this week, that has been advertised on the television? If I would have to make a hypothesis (that is, an educated guess), I would have to guess that you did (and come to think about it…so have I) ;-).

Why is this so? Is it because the major corporations have money to burn, and they figure why not just give it to the media (P.S. Before they even pay the major television or cable stations, these companies must 1st head to an advertising firm & pay them $$$$$$$ just to develop the content that gets you to buy)?

Or, is it because (as numerous research firm have indicated), television powerfully fulfills the requirements (see 1 & 2 above) to cause an individual to be influenced & programmed enough, to act (in this case, to buy) a certain way.

Yes, these companies spend billions of dollars on what has been scientifically proven: Providing Visual Images, coupled with powerful & emotional arousing music, special effects & appealing personalities, most definitely gets individuals, to be programmed & behave just the way THEY want you too.

Here is the problem. These techniques are NOT being used for your benefit, but for the benefit of the one doing the selling. As a matter of fact, if you take a good look at not just the commercials, but also the TV shows, news and reality TV ….they ALL focus on not using these techniques to just get you to BUY something…but to change how you believe, act and respond!

Do you think that the ones behind the scenes of the major media (publishing, TV stations, advertising firms & etc) are using these techniques & technologies to help, advance & improve the thoughts, beliefs, emotions & actions of individuals like you? Unless you have been in a cave the majority of your life, then I know you can answer with a unanimous NO!

Not just music (which is a powerful medium in itself to cause arousing of a persons emotions/desires…Music Videos Anyone?) but also as mentioned before, TV talk shows, TV series, Movies & even the News, are all being used to get you to Believe, Act & Respond the way ‘They’ want you to do! Why not use this technology to instill in yourself the Beliefs, Actions & Responses that ‘You’ desire?

It is to this end that AlphaMaleHypnosis.com & its amazing, powerful videos are focused too.