How can hypnosis entrainment be obtained without headphones?

Brainwave Entrainment

The entrainment techniques used in video modules are revolutionary in that they do not require headphones or even stereo speakers. Veterans of brainwave entrainment may find this strange, since headphones are such a traditional part of the brainwave entrainment experience. The reality of the matter is, however, that headphones have never been required for use with anything except Binaural beats, which present a slightly different tone to each ear.

Monaural beats can be used very effectively without headphones, for example. So can pulses, clicks and light stimulation. In fact, many ancient cultures used Drums to enter deeply relaxed ‘trances’ during Shamanic rituals. Though they may not have called it brainwave entrainment, the rhythmic stimulus of the drum could have been the cause of the “trance-like” states reported during such rituals.

Any repeating stimulus can entrain the brain. Pulses of sound, light, physical vibrations or even electricity (CES machines). Neurons in the brain will fire a response to any stimulus, whether you have headphones on or not. By listening to the sounds generated by video modules, with or without headphones, the brain will start to entrain.

What we have done with these videos is perfect this process through extensive testing and optimization. The results have been nothing short of amazing. The techniques used in our hypnosis videos are an entirely new approach to brainwave entrainment.

Note: Even though headphones are not required, if you chose to use headphones…brainwave entrainment is still achieved!