Does This Sound Like You:

  • Don’t Have The Self-Confidence To Approach ANY Woman…
  • Feeling Depressed, Angry & Social Anxiety…
  • Don’t Have The Seduction Skills To Make Your Life Work The Way YOU Want…
  • Can’t Control Your Emotions…
  • Don’t Know How To Handle Rejection…
  • Don’t Have The Wealth & Financial Abundance That You Know You Deserve…
  • Tired Of Not Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin…
  • Not Having The Mind-Blasting Sex That You Deserve…

Your Pain & Struggles Are Now Over:

The Alpha Male Hypnosis Video Program is a life-Changing, life-Enhancing, Video Hypnosis program (Using Sexy, Beautiful & Attractive Women) that was developed…JUST FOR YOU! It is the Most Powerful Self-Development & Seduction Program ever developed for men (Bold statement huh? Please read on).

It Consist of 5 Hypnosis Video Modules that can be instantly downloaded. Each module has been carefully researched, developed & crafted to give you…MAGNIFICENTLY RESULTS! Focusing on the issues and topics that are important to you, it will transform you from, an “life that happens TO you” type of person, to a “Life that happens FOR you” type of person.

Why Are We So Sure Our Alpha Male Hypnosis Video Modules Are So Effective In Changing Your Life?

Because….we have been there and done that!  We’ve been in the self-improvement field going over 17 yrs now. We like you, have invested time, money & effort in exploring the numerous products available today to enhance ones life…only to find out, that they really don’t deliver!

We decided to take all the research (Mental, Emotional, Physical & even Spiritual) and through INTENSE trial and error, find out what works…and what doesn’t. After numerous case studies, we believe, we offer the Most Powerful & Effective Self-Development And Seduction product available today!

Look around…you will find that NO ONE offers a hypnosis product with the emphasis on Human Visual Hypnosis Narration (Video) & Opinion dynamics (Compliments) like we do. Why is that? Because we developed this technique!

From researching 1000s of self-improvement books, seduction e-books, Cds, Tapes, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and other model dynamics to basic hypnosis, we have (like we said before)…been there and done that!

While most have been snake oil, some have offered different degrees of effectiveness (Hypnosis being the TOP forerunner). We have taken the parts that worked…and got rid of the ones that didn’t (which would be over 93% of the them all). The result is what we offer to you today (A 5 Module Hypnosis Video Program that covers every paradigm of your life):

Purchasing the ‘ Creating A Powerful Self-Image ‘ video was critical both professionally and personally. I’ll never know if it was the fear of anger or me being angry over being anxious, I just knew that my self sabotaging ways needed to be stopped. In this one week they were!
- B.H, Phoenix, AZ
*The Alpha Male Hypnosis Video Program*

Creating A Powerful Self-Image (Module 1):

Fastest and best technique to maximize your personal growth and change. The results are huge. From social confidence through just overall good feelings as you develop the traits and skills that winners have. Build your social status and gain the esteem, confidence and attitude that makes it easy to show your Alpha nature so people give you more. Since happiness, satisfaction and species survival are all tied in here, it’s Well worth getting!

Achieving Your Goals (Module 2):

For goals from financial independence through having full control of your life … How much faster would you like to make your dreams reality? Find the attitude and gain the skills in social Interactions, management & assertiveness. Grow more healthy with the energy and wisdom to get there in the best ways and be surprised by the amazing ease you can do it!

Creating Power Relationships (Module 3):

Both friendly and intimate, this is where you will spend some of your best times. Many people go out just to find relationships. You can boost your success and abilities here with what really works! From body language, improved communication, and understanding people better, towards getting to the place where it can really feel good to make progress being outgoing, Its all you need to attract and get them really wanting you. Take steps now to make this real for yourself! You could continue with current results or take action now to get what you really want!

Creating Physical Power & Health (Module 4):

Regardless of one’s age, remaining fit and athletic has many advantages. No one knows better than the fit and athletic just how much mental discipline is required. This module will aid you in the mental preparedness and desire to be as fit and healthy as you imagine. The most successful, happiest people tend to have abundant energy. What are the ways they act, think, exercise and interact that make this so easy? Would you like to enjoy more yourself, now?

Creating Wealth & Financial Abundance (Module 5):

What’s holding you back from realizing success and the rewards of your efforts? The negative programming locked in one’s subconscious can be overcome. This program will rescript your beliefs and open the door to the unlimited abundance you deserve. Find the edge and propel your success leading to abundance and the benefits that brings freedom, social, comfort and more.

Approved by the American Medical Association since 1958, hypnosis is an effective method to induce change, IF (like NLP), you are one of the very few individuals that can visualize Clearly & Vividly, while also at the same time, be able to generate the necessary emotions/desires to cause such visuals to come to fruition.

With our downloadable Alpha Male Hypnosis Video Program , such Visualization Abilities Are…NO LONGER NEEDED!  

To see complete and full details of our methodology CLICK HERE! 

“Your ‘Creating Physical Power & Health’ hypnosis video and the techniques used in it, have helped me to let go of painful events, to deal with new life challenges and to have more energy with which to enjoy life.”
V.A., Omaha, NE

Alpha Male Hypnosis Benefits:
  • Establish Alpha Male Status
  • Achieve Your Dreams
  • Magnify Financial Abundance
  • Develop A Win Win Attitude
  • Grow Wisdom
  • Increase Happiness
  • Gain “Strength-Of-Steel” Confidence
  • Sense Body language Of Women (and men)
  • Break Through Negative Emotions
  • Break Negative Patterns

  • Control Emotions
  • Smash Depression
  • Destroy Bad Habits
  • Conquer Manipulating
  • Gain Bounding Energy
  • Be The Life of the Party
  • Have Confidence with Girls
  • Increase Flirting Skills
  • Have Great Sex
  • How to Handle Women Well
  • Increase Love
  • Increase Seduction
  • Improve Planning
  • Smash Procrastination
  • Develop Effortless Rapport
  • Redesign Yourself
  • Improve Relationships
  • Success with Women
  • Rise Over Shyness
  • Understanding Girls
  • Effortlessly Sense What Girls Want
  • Increase Female Interest
  • Approach & Meet Women
  • Improve Time Management

“Thank you so much for doing what you do. At first I was skeptical of the technique you use because it was so unfamiliar. But as I  kept viewing the ‘ Creating A Powerful Self-Image’ video, I found out this program really works! I knew something had changed, permanently not temporarily. Thank you for showing me how to change a lifetime of behaviors, in no time!”
J.T. Cleveland, OH
“My life has changed dramatically. I look at life, money, and relationships differently, and, I have not had a single hour of depression. There are so many changes, I cannot list them all. Thank you for the ‘Achieving your Goals’ video download. It has really been a help.”
W.J., Los Angeles, CA
Key Alpha Male Hypnosis Features:

Results and Features Include:

  • Fun, Life-Changing & Life-Enhancing Hypnosis Videos Utilizing Sexy & Attractive Women
  • Ultra-Powerful 5 Module Video Hypnosis Set   *NEW*
  • Powerful & Professional Worded Hypnosis Scripts
  • “No Headphones Required” Brainwave Entrainment – CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Professionally Composed Background Soundtracks (Enhances & Reinforces Emotional States)   *NEW*
  • Pick from Over 60 Sexy & Attractive Female Models   *NEW*
  • Hypnosis Enforcing “Mind Cam” Recording Feature   *NEW*
  • Hypnotic & Entertaining “Background Animations”   *NEW*
  • Uses the latest & most powerful techniques in Nero-acoustic, 3D Animation, Digital Video, Brainwave Entrainment & Hypnosis Scripts
  • Harness the power of multi-billion dollar Media Giants to Not Sell To You ….But Powerfully Develop You!
  • 4 to 6min. Average Length Of Each Video (2-3x Viewing Required Per Session)
  • Effortless Self-Development (No Visualization Skills Needed!)
  • Easy (Just Sit Back, Watch & GROW !)
  • Now Available As Mp4 (h.264) Video (Playable With Ipad, Ipod, Itouch, Iphone, Nook Color, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets & More!**)    *NEW*
  • “SuperFast”** Instant Download (No Shipping or Waiting)   *NEW*
  • No Comparisons…Only Offered HERE!

“Thank you so much for the ‘Creating Power Relationships’ video. The video helped me in more ways than you can know. I now take life & whatever it brings me in a much more calm and peaceful manner. I enjoy viewing the video over and over again. It seems the more I view the video, the more skilled or ‘powerful’ I get. Again, this video has really helped me.”
M.F., Houston, TX

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“I felt that the ‘Creating Wealth & Financial Abundance’ video was the most unique & powerful self development product I have ever tried. It empowered me more than anything else I have ever tried.”
R.L., Kissimmee, Fl

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